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Marwa M.E. El-Alfy

Libri dell'autore

PSI inv. 1604 verso: lettera privata digital
formato: Articolo | AEGYPTUS - 2014 - 1
Anno: 2014
Edition of Psi inv. 1604 verso, a private letter written in the third century A.d. by a person whose name starts Nemesi[, who cites Tebtynis and kerkesephis, talking about a threatening situation and the existence of a dispute, and asking that his slaves and his sister come to him in the south...
€ 6,00
P.Cairo Box n. 3089: giuramento digital
formato: Articolo | AEGYPTUS - 2013 - 1
Anno: 2013
Edition of a papyrus fragment preserved in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (P. Cairo box n. 3089), written by three hands. The first, a quick cursive, wrote the final part of an oath, with a dating to the reign of Hadrian; the second and third, worse than the first, belong to the witnesses, Titios (?) and Horos, who signed the oath...
P.Cairo box nr. 3732: lista di persone digital
formato: Articolo | AEGYPTUS - 2012 - 1
Anno: 2012
Edition of a Greek papyrus (4th c. A.D., pro. unknow) containing a list of persons...
€ 6,00