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Un ‘dimenticato’ registro latino:PSI II 119 recto + ChLA IV 264

digital Un ‘dimenticato’ registro latino:PSI II 119 recto + ChLA IV 264
rivista AEGYPTUS
fascicolo AEGYPTUS - 2017 - 1
titolo Un ‘dimenticato’ registro latino:PSI II 119 recto + ChLA IV 264
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 03-2018
doi 10.26350/001217_000005
issn 00019046 (stampa) | 18277888 (digitale)
€ 6,00

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This article provides a new edition of PSi ii 119 recto + ChLA iV 134, a Latin account-book discovered in oxyrhynchus and dated to ad 105-125. Since the roll was reused on the verso to write Plato’s Gorgia, much scholarly attention has been devoted to this side, neglecting the other one. among the surviving fragments, indeed, only ChLA iV 264 was published by r. marichal in 1967. in view of this portion, the scholar believed that the roll came from an office of the central administration, probably that of the idios logos. the first part of the paper deals with size and form of the roll, as well as its times of using and archiving. in the second part, after text and apparatus, an in-depth analysis of the content leads to reassess the theory of the original environment, suggesting that this account-book was kept in the same military context in which it was conceived and written out.