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AEGYPTUS - 2017 - 1

digital AEGYPTUS - 2017 - 1
Fascicolo digitale
Fascicolo 1 - 2017
Titolo AEGYPTUS - 2017 - 1
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Per una riedizione della cosiddetta Mulieris oratio (= P.Didot, coll. I-IIIr-v = Com. Adesp. fr. 1000 K.-A.)
di Felice Stama pagine: 37 € 6,00
In this paper i offer a renewed edition (after Kassel, austin’s edition in PCG, Viii [1995], pp. 289-291), with critical and papyrological apparatus, italian translation and lemmatic commentary, of the so-called Mulieris oratio (= Com. Adesp. fr. 1000 K.-a.). Preserved in P.didot, a papyrus of c. 160 B.C., this fragment of 44 iambic trimeters con tains a rhēsis by a wife who opposes her father’s wish that she divorce her impoverished husband and marry a wealthier man. although the papyrus refers these lines to euripides, many scholars have assigned the text to menander, but this authorship is far from certainty.
Frammento di affitto di terreno
di Lucia C. Colella pagine: 5 € 6,00
Fragment of a lease of land, maybe an extract from a register, palaeographically assigned to the second half of the II century AD. The extant clauses show similarities with the epidoche format.
Two Poll-Tax Receipts from Tebtunis and Some Familiar Figures
di Nikolaos Gonis pagine: 5 € 6,00
Publication of two papyri kept in the yale Papyrus Collection, Beinecke rare Book and manuscript Library. they are both receipts for laographia, and belong to the family archive that chiefly consists of ostraca published in o.tebt.Pad.
Riedizione di PSI VII 793: registro fondiario di Theadelphia
di Bianca Borrelli pagine: 18 € 6,00
This paper presents a new edition of PSi Vii 793, which contains a register of land, dated to the second half of the second century a.d. and coming from theadelphia. For many of the farmers mentioned in this papyrus a more or less certain identification is suggested.
Un ‘dimenticato’ registro latino:PSI II 119 recto + ChLA IV 264
di Ornella Salati pagine: 41 € 6,00
This article provides a new edition of PSi ii 119 recto + ChLA iV 134, a Latin account-book discovered in oxyrhynchus and dated to ad 105-125. Since the roll was reused on the verso to write Plato’s Gorgia, much scholarly attention has been devoted to this side, neglecting the other one. among the surviving fragments, indeed, only ChLA iV 264 was published by r. marichal in 1967. in view of this portion, the scholar believed that the roll came from an office of the central administration, probably that of the idios logos. the first part of the paper deals with size and form of the roll, as well as its times of using and archiving. in the second part, after text and apparatus, an in-depth analysis of the content leads to reassess the theory of the original environment, suggesting that this account-book was kept in the same military context in which it was conceived and written out.
Una mención a Tmuis en Elio Aristides (XXXVI 112-113 K)
di Amado Jesus De Miguel Zabala pagine: 9 € 6,00
Thmuis is mentioned by aelius aristides in a passage from The Egyptian Discourse as the polis of the mendesian Nome. the text allows us to move forward towards the end of the first half of the 2nd century ad the capital change from mendes to thmuis.
La produzione tessile nell’Arsinoites romana: professioni e artigiani
di Matilde Fiorillo pagine: 61 € 6,00
The study deals with the textile handcraft in the arsinoites nomos during the roman age on the basis of the papyrological documentation. the first part of the paper presents a survey of the terminology of textile crafts, with the discussion of some problematic cases; the second part represents a review of the sources, analysed on the basis of their content; the third part deals with the people involved in textile production through some prosopographical observations. Finally, two appendices present the list of the sources and the names of textile craftsmen.
Sull’espressione ἀπὸ στρατηγίων/στρατηγιῶν nelle iscrizioni e nei papiri
di Fabiola Verrecchia pagine: 9 € 6,00
The aim of this article is to clarify the meaning and the origin of the expression ἀπὸ στρατηγίων/στρατηγιῶν, which appears in a Greek honorific inscription from Jerash (arabia). Parallels with other documents are proposed, for instance we will discuss some papyri from Karanis and oxyrhynchus dating from the first half of the fourth century. in addiction, we will examine an inscription from Corinth which may contain the same expression.
A Votive Cubit ‘Displayed’ in PSI Inv. I 1: some preliminary notes to a new edition
di Gloria Rosati pagine: 14 € 6,00
The typical texts of the so-called ‘votive cubits’ are handed down in a very fragmentary hieroglyphic papyrus in Florence, which reproduces the horizontal faces and their layout, when necessary with one-digit wide cases. it was published in 1990, and meanwhile new fragments were discovered and their study is in progress: before delivering a more complete edition, the a. tries to review the situation, concerning these objects and their difficult texts. the Florence fragments are described and a translation of their texts is offered, referring to the parallels: lists of gods, lists of upper and Lower egyptian provinces, subdivisions of the cubit, tables for measuring time, special numbers and so on, are subjects falling within those which are characteristic of priestly knowledge, as already proved by some larger papyri (starting from the famous ‘tanis’ or ‘Geographical’ Papyrus) and by a classical author, Clement of alexandria.
Joseph Passalacqua: gli anni triestini ed egiziani
di Pamela Tedesco pagine: 35 € 6,00
Joseph Passalacqua (trieste 1797 - Berlin 1865) left his native city in 1820, spent six years excavating in egypt, exhibited his egyptian antiquities collection in Paris in 1826 and became the first director of the egyptian museum of Berlin. this paper includes the last discoveries and some considerations about his family and education and it illustrates a few episodes during the excavations in egypt.
Testi recentemente pubblicati
pagine: 20 € 6,00
pagine: 11 € 6,00
Milano in Egitto. Gli scavi di Achille Vogliano nel Fayum, Busto arsizio 2017 (C. Balconi); VaLeria Piano, Il Papiro di Derveni tra religione e filosofia, Firenze 2016 (Ch. Vassallo)

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