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AEGYPTUS - 2016 - 1

digital AEGYPTUS - 2016 - 1
Fascicolo digitale
Fascicolo 1 - 2016
Titolo AEGYPTUS - 2016 - 1
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Fascicolo annuale del 2016


A Ptolemaic Greek Tax Receipt from the Valley of the Kings
di Willy Clarysse, Klaas a. Worp pagine: 4 € 6,00
Edition of a Greek tax receipt on an ostracon found in the valley of the Kings. The banker philotas may be acting as sitologos one year later and the text is interesting for the relation between the bank and the granary-bank.
P.Oslo III 82 + P.Prag. Gr. I 44: frammento di un registro di corrispondenza ufficiale
di Lucia Labriola pagine: 9 € 6,00
P.prag. Gr. i 44n, dated to iiird century aD, contains on recto remains of a petition and on the verso an account probably belonged to heroninos archive. Among the comparisons found for the recto text the most convincing is p.oslo iii 82 (oxyrhynchite, iiird century aD). The analysis of digital image of p.oslo iii 82 and the comparison with p.prag. Gr. i 44n made it possible to establish that the two fragments are contiguous and they preserve a column belonged to a register of official correspondence.
Riedizione di P.Worp 22: registro di contratti
di Bianca Borrelli pagine: 9 € 6,00
In this paper i offer a new edition of p.Worp 22, which contains the remnants of a register of contracts. this papyrus was published in 2008 by bruce nielsen, who dated it to the 2nd century aD. a new dating to the 1st century aD is here suggested on palaeographical grounds and some prosopographical issues are discussed.
Scampoli V
di Gabriella Messeri pagine: 14 € 6,00
The paper includes the following paragraphs: 1. bGu i 186. Frammento di registro di edifici: new readings are suggested. 2. p.Flor. i 81verso: conto privato (hermopolis, ip-iip): ed. princ. of the account written on the verso side of a mortgage loan. 3. psi i 56. registrazione di bestiame: new readings and improvements at lines 13 and 16 of this well-known declaration of sheep. 4. psi vii 789 e p.lond. iii (p.139) 1223: the analysis of the texts proves that in these two documents are acting the same persons.
Verso una nuova edizione del secondo rotolo di P.Rev. Laws: osservazioni su alcune colonne della sezione sui tessuti
di Bianca Borrelli pagine: 16 € 6,00
This paper focuses on columns 87-91, 97, 102 of the second roll of the p. revenue laws, concerning the textile monopoly. Firstly, i reconsider the order of columns 87-200 abstracts 91 Grenfell - bingen on the basis of textual and bibliological data. Secondly, i suggest some new readings and interpretations in columns 97 and 102; in particular, these two columns offer new attestations of the rare word σορώιον identifying a particular kind of cloth.
A proposito dell’amministrazione tolemaica: il Case Study dell’ ὑποδιοικητής
di Alessandro Facen pagine: 22 € 6,00
This paper tries to define the role of the ὑποδιοικητής within the ptolemaic hierarchy of officials. We collect thirty-seven papyrological evidence which allow to draw up eight or nine profiles of the ὑποδιοικητής. although we have many information about the role of the διοικητής, it is not the case of ὑποδιοικητής, whose function has not been really studied yet. In appendices, we provide all the evidence of the ὑποδιοικηταί with the reference to Trismegistos People to map out also a short prosopography.
I figli “dimenticati” di Γλαυκίας il macedone. Note prosopografiche sulla famiglia di Πτολεμαῖος, κάτοχος del Sarapieion di Memphis
di Alessandro Facen pagine: 10 € 6,00
This paper defines the data concerning the identity of sarapion and of his brother hippalos. We depart from the actual confusion in TM People of this sarapion and a contemporary official with the same name. We collect the prosopographical information about the two brothers, sarapion and hippalos, listing all the papyrological evidence; we separate the evidence related to the brother of hippalos from those concerning the namesake official. Finally, we add the texts not present in TM People yet.
Des doreai aux ousiai? Les propriétés foncières royales et impériales en Égypte
di Silvia Bussi pagine: 18 € 6,00
The hellenistic doreai of egypt have been interpreted by Rostovtzeff as a kind of land tenure that knew a revival in roman times, when imperial ousiai have been created, in Julio-Claudian years. This article, after analyzing the main historiographical voices on this subject, tries to focus on the nature of the ptolemaic doreà, on the influences of egyptian and Macedonian models on this institution and on the juridical title of the beneficiaries of the doreai. A confrontation with the roman ousiai, beyond some common elements, shows that there is not any continuity between them: ousiai are a roman institution and doreai are embedded in the royal ptolemaic idea of rural exploitation.
P.Oxy. XXX 2519 e la saga tebana
di Alessandro Silvestro pagine: 16 € 6,00
This paper contains a new edition with commentary of p.oxy. XXX 2519, epic fragments published by e. lobel and hesitantly ascribed to antimachus’ Thebais.

Γρ(άφεται) nel ‘Nuovo Pallada’ (P.CtYbr. inv. 4000, p. 20, rr. 19-20)
di Francesca Maltomini pagine: 3 Scarica
The article presents an alternative reading of a marginal sign contained in the yale epigrammatic codex, interpreting it as the monogram for γρ(άφεται).
M 3wt-ib e hy hnw: espressioni inniche di pregnanza semantica
di Gihane ZaKi pagine: 6 € 6,00
Expressions of joy and happiness used within ceremonies and religious festivities in ancient egypt represent a consistent and interesting facet of the national lexical heritage. Expressions and metaphors drawn basically upon particular environment and upon experiences created over the time and space go beyond grammar and vocabulary. However, one should live the culture, to be able to apprehend the translation. Expressions like “m 3wt-ib” and “hy hnw” are clear examples of the importance of the analyticand comparative studies in regard with the  “ethno-egyptology”.
«La main heureuse»: tre disegni conservati a Ginevra nel Fondo Rifaud
di Silvana Cincotti pagine: 9 € 6,00
The starting point of this research has been the desire to make a new approach to the study of the egyptian collection and the debated contexts of archaeological contextualisation. One agents that worked in egypt for the French Consul bernardino Drovetti, was the marseillaise Jean-Jacques rifaud. The excavations undertaken by him in thebes took place in the first half of the 19th century, during a period that marked the foundation of the great archaeological collections from the land of the pharaohs.


Isabella Andorlini
di Nicola Reggiani pagine: 23 € 6,00
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