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Ancora sui pittakia di Theadelphia: note prosopografiche a margine di BGU XXII digital
Anno: 2019
The volume Des pittakia de Théadelphie (Berliner Griechische Urkunden, Band XXII), recently published by S. Kambitsis, gathers the editions of thirteen papyri coming from the administrative archive of theadelphia (tM Arch_ID 247), whose interest is mainly prosopographical and topographical...
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Stoffe, telai, tessitori e tasse: correzioni a papiri e ostraca digital
Anno: 2018
The article presents some corrections to Greek papyri and ostraca concerning different aspects of the textile industry: 1) observations on the abbreviation ισ( ) for ἱστός/ἱστεῖον/ἱστέων in P.Tebt. iii 1077 descr., BGU Vi 1359-1363 and XiV 2456, o.Bodl.i 77 and 85, o.Stras. i 17 and 23, P.Rein. ii 122-123, SB XVi 12778; 2) correction to P.Erasm. i 5, 1, giving a new probable attestation of the τεσσαρακοστὴ ἐρεῶν; 3) corrections to P.Bon. 35, list of names with trades, mainly concerning the textile industry.
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Riedizione di PSI VII 793: registro fondiario di Theadelphia digital
Anno: 2017
This paper presents a new edition of PSi Vii 793, which contains a register of land, dated to the second half of the second century a.d. and coming from theadelphia. For many of the farmers mentioned in this papyrus a more or less certain identification is suggested...
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Riedizione di P.Worp 22: registro di contratti digital
Anno: 2016
In this paper i offer a new edition of p.Worp 22, which contains the remnants of a register of contracts. this papyrus was published in 2008 by bruce nielsen, who dated it to the 2nd century aD. a new dating to the 1st century aD is here suggested on palaeographical grounds and some prosopographical issues are discussed...
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Verso una nuova edizione del secondo rotolo di P.Rev. Laws: osservazioni su alcune colonne della sezione sui tessuti digital
Anno: 2016
This paper focuses on columns 87-91, 97, 102 of the second roll of the p. revenue laws, concerning the textile monopoly. Firstly, i reconsider the order of columns 87-200 abstracts 91 Grenfell - bingen on the basis of textual and bibliological data...
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