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Laura Lulli

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Frammento di prosa (?) con elementi attici digital
formato: Articolo | AEGYPTUS - 2020 - 1
Anno: 2020
€ 6,00
Un’altra strada per l’epos: l’opera di Dionisio il Ciclografo e alcune sintesi mitografiche di età ellenistica e imperiale su papiro digital
formato: Articolo | AEGYPTUS - 2013 - 1
Anno: 2013
The article examines the evidences about Dionysios Kyklographos (FGrHist 15), author of the Historical Cycle, and some cases of syntheses in prose, transmitted by papyri of Hellenistic and Imperial age, which deal with mythical subject matters of the traditional canonized literary genres, especially Homeric and cyclic epic poetry. The papyri are examined from a palaeographical, bibliological and philological point of view, in order to suggest some hypotheses on their readership...
€ 6,00