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Nikola D. Bellucci

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Un’inedita lettera di A. Zirardini a G. Marini (Mob., 3, 7, V2, 32) conservata alla Biblioteca Classense di Ravenna digital
Anno: 2019
The article presents a first archival arrangement of A. zirardini’s papers, preserved mainly at the Classense library of Ravenna and at the vatican library. An unpublished letter of the scholar (1777) to his friend g. Marini reveals further information on A. zirardini’s work Exercitationes in Monumenta Papyrea in view of the critical edition.
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Proprietà mediche del papiro tra medicina egizia, greca e romana digital
Anno: 2015
Through the references in ancient sources, the article considers the uses and the medical properties of the papyrus plant (and the papyrus as sheet) during the egyptian, the Greek and the roman period, arguing its tradition and specializations and outlining its practical knowledge as well as its reception up to the Middle Ages...
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Thetati in the Roman Military Papyri: an Inquiry on Soldiers Killed in Battle digital
Anno: 2014
This brief contribution wants to try to expose and bring attention on the use and distribution that has the symbol θ (i.e. theta nigrum, indicating the death of soldiers) in the papyrus documents, although through the few and fragmentary attestations, and considering the epigraphical sources and papyri, coming from all over the roman Empire...
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Osservazioni interpretative su P.Dura 3: un glossario ad Omero, Il. IV 301-316, lemmi e interpretamenta digital
Anno: 2013
Through Gronewald’s transcription, the article provides a new integration and interpretive reading of the fragmentary papyrus text P.Dura 3 which contains a glossary of Homer, Il. IV 301-316 with lemmata and interpretamenta, explaining the meaning of some incomplete entries evidently used to emphasize a concept contained in the same excerpts, and re-evaluating the Dura’s cultural context, especially in the military view...
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