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Pilar Pavón Torrejón

Titoli dell'autore

Aurelia Isidora, esposa, madre, ματρῶνα στολᾶτα, viuda y ἐπακολουθήτρια: el “cursus matronarum” de una mujer de Oxirrinco (P.Oxy. VI 907, 276p) digital
Anno: 2022
This paper aims to bring to light the figure of Aurelia Isidora through a detailed reading of the will of her husband Aurelius Hermogenes, preserved in an Oxyrhynchus Papyrus. It shows the local and Roman ways of life of a well-to-do Oxyrhynchus family, the concern of the deceased for his wife and children, but it is also a documentary example to study and analyse the life of Roman women at all stages of their lives...
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