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La spada del re. Note letterarie IX

novitàdigital La spada del re. Note letterarie IX
Fascicolo AEGYPTUS - 2022 - 1
Titolo La spada del re. Note letterarie IX
The King’s Sword (Literary Note 9)
Editore Vita e Pensiero
Formato Articolo | Pdf
Online da 10-2022
Doi 10.26350/001217_000095
Issn 0001-9046 (stampa) | 1827-7888 (digitale)
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The significance of an early sentence in an Egyptian wisdom text (“speech is the hardest work”) becomes in another literary piece ultimately written during an unsettled historical period rendered as “speech is the most effective weapon”. More details concerning the tongue as the most powerful means to rule are added in support of the Egyptian high estimation of oratory, likely reflected by later quotations.


Oratory; Wisdom; Speech; Power; Weapon.

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Alessandro Roccati, Accademia delle Scienze di Torino. Email:

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